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In our last — but certainly not least — installment of this summer’s “Meet the Interns,” we’d like to introduce you to Kate. She’s been researching mental illness during the Victorian era and how it related to our Hazlett, and she’s proven to be a star at giving tours to our guests. We’re going to miss her when she goes to Russia in a few weeks. *sniff*

What are you studying and where?
Art History at Vassar College.

Why Campbell House?
Interning at Campbell House allows me to pursue my interests in history and art while gaining museum experience. I really liked that the museum was small so I can volunteer in many different areas and really get to know the staff and the collection as a whole.

What are you going to work on at CHM over the summer?
Mostly I’m giving tours and doing inventory, but I’m also going to do a research project to discover who exactly took the photos of Campbell House.

When you aren’t slaving away at Campbell House, what are you doing?
I like to read quite a bit, and watch tv (my favorite shows are Psych and Modern Family). I’ll be going to St. Petersburg, Russia for my junior year abroad in the fall, so I’m definitely studying Russian in my free time!

Kate really uses this. Every. Day. #cutestlunchboxever

What’s your favorite thing about Campbell House so far?
House museums are particularly fascinating because they place the objects in their original or a similar context, and I love that about Campbell House in general, especially because so many of the objects did belong to the family. But if I had to pick my favorite piece it might be the “mustache cup”, which is a tea cup with a little shelf inside to protect your mustache while you drink tea (it’s in the parlor)!

PC or Mac?

Little known fact about me:
I adore Dijon mustard and put it on everything from meat to carrots to just plain bread (sometimes I even eat it plain).

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