Well, really he’s not an intern. In fact, he’s a graduate research assistant from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. (But that wouldn’t fit in the title.) Dylan joined us at the beginning of this school year and will be with us for the next two years in conjunction with his work in the Museum Studies graduate program at UMSL – we couldn’t be more pleased to have him here!

What  are you studying and where?  (well, we already covered this. He’s in the UMSL Museum Studies program)

Why Campbell House Museum? I was assigned here by my program, presumably because I worked for two years at Roseland Cottage: an 1846 house museum back home in Connecticut.


Graduate Research Assistant Dylan! Click his photo to learn more about volunteering and internship opportunities at the Campbell House Museum.

What are you working on at CHM?  Presently, I’m updating the docent guide manual and sourcing material.

When you aren’t having a blast at Campbell House, what are you up to?  Studying.

What is your favorite thing about CHM thus far?  Its archives (well thanks! We think they’re pretty swell too… check them out online here.)

iPhone or Android?  Dumb phones, thankyouverymuch.

Favorite color?  orange.

Favorite band/singer  song?  Auld Lang Syne

Andy Warhol said that everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. What happened in your 15 minutes?  The second hand on the clock ticked 900 times. (well played, Dylan. Well played indeed…)

If you were given a yacht tomorrow (assuming you don’t already have one) what would you name it?  “Nostalgia for Infinity”

So there you have it! The next time you’re at Campbell House Museum (hopefully for our upcoming Halloween Twilight Tours) say hello, chat about his awesome program at UMSL, and help us welcome him to the Campbell family!

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