Last week you met Dylan, this week we’re happy to introduce Gabby! She’s been a blast to have around the office since she started in September and we’re happy to have her on board!

Intern Gabby! Click to learn more about volunteering and internships with CHM.

Intern Gabby! Click to learn more about volunteering and internships with CHM.

What are you studying and where?  I am studying to be a history major at UMSL

Why Campbell House?  CHM was chosen for me by the history department and I’m so glad! I’ve loved working at CHM and I’ve learned so much.

What are you working on at CHM?  I am working on the nomination for the Campbell House to become a National Historic Landmark. (this is a HUGE project that’s going to take 2-5 years to complete – click here to check it out. We’re so glad Gabby is getting it off the ground for us!)

When you aren’t having a blast at Campbell House, what are you up doing?  I’m either working at Sole and Blues in the Loop or cooking dinner with my family. (Gabby definitely is the most stylish person in the office AND brings the tastiest looking lunches. Hands down.)

What is your favorite thing about CHM so far?  I’ve loved stepping back in time and learning more about St. Louis history.

iPhone or Android?  iPhone! I love Apple products, MacBook all the way!

Favorite color?  purple.

Favorite band/singer?  Mumford and Sons.

Andy Warhol said that everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. What happened in your 15 minutes?  I don’t think I’ve had my 15 minutes yet. I believe I have much greater things to come! (how’s that for an answer?!)

If you owned a CB radio, what would your handle be?  “Madagabgar” (10-4, madagabgar!)

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2 thoughts on “MEET THE INTERNS » GABBY

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