It’s that time of year: a new school year, which means new Campbell House interns! This semester we have an intrepid band of three tackling projects from working on a master timeline, diving into Campbell-related legal documents, and continuing the National Historic Landmark process. This week, we’re excited to introduce Steven, an undergraduate intern from UMSL’s history department. Take it away, Steven…

Intern Steven hard at work reading through CHM's history. Click his picture to learn more about becoming an intern at the Campbell House!

Intern Steven hard at work reading through CHM’s history. Click his picture to learn more about becoming an intern at the Campbell House!

What are you studying and where? Currently studying history, Japanese, and economics at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

Why Campbell House? Considering I didn’t grow up in St. Louis (and my interest in history), I thought that interning at the Campbell House would provide further context to the history of St. Louis. Was I ever right!

What are you working on at CHM? The legal legacy of the Campbells (Editorial Note: This is an ongoing project involving trips to the St. Louis Circuit Court and Missouri State Archives office, digging up old legal documents concerning the Campbells and their businesses).

When you aren’t having a blast at Campbell House, what are you doing? Besides pursuing a history degree, I fill my time with training as a US Army Cadet, being the Vice President of the Japan-American Student Association at UMSL, and serving in my local church (Editorial Note: I don’t think I can ever complain about having too much to do again. Steven makes it look easy.).

What is your favorite thing about CHM so far? Learning about the history of the museum in particular in fascinating!

iPhone or Android? As my smartphone experience is only limited to the last month or so, I would be hesitant to advise anyone, but I chose Android.

Favorite color? Forest Green (Editorial Note: That’s so specific, we had to look up its RGB numbers! 34, 139, 34, in case you were wondering.)

Favorite band/singer? The Snow Patrol

Andy Warhol said that everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. What happened in your 15 minutes? Last year with the Gateway Battalion Army ROTC, I was able to participate in a St. Louis Rams game color guard, in which we marched onto the field and presented the National, Missouri, and Army colors on ESPN. It was a great honor!

If you discovered an island, what would you name it? Names are significant to me because they convey meaning, so it would depend on the unique characteristics of the island.


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