Intern Caitie

Intern Caitie has settled in quickly and is diving deep into the Campbell’s history. Click her picture to learn more about becoming an intern!

A new semester means new interns and new, exciting projects here at the Campbell House! Our interns range from newcomers to recent graduates to a former intern who is back for more through a work-study program. They’re already hard at work making headway in various projects. We’ll start our introductions with Caitie. Take it away…

What are you studying and where? I’ve just graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a Bachelor of Arts in History. I hope to attend graduate school in St. Louis in the fall.

Why Campbell House? I’ve always enjoyed houses-turned museums; they constituted many family vacations as a child. Learning about the history of St. Louis through a family and their home is a joy!

What are you working on at CHM? I’m currently doing a lot of reading about the Campbells and shadowing house tours. I’ve also just gotten started on a long-running project to create a master timeline for the Campbells: what they were doing, where they were, etc.

When you aren’t having a blast at Campbell House, what are you doing? I’m usually reading, cooking , practicing yoga, catching up on my favorite British television shows, or spending time with my friends in the city.

What is your favorite thing about CHM so far? I am still amazed by the ornate Victorian furnishings and the amount of furnishing original to the house and the Campbell family [fun fact: that sense of amazement never goes away!].

iPhone or Android? Apple products all the way!

Favorite color? Green

Favorite band/singer? Twenty One Pilots

Andy Warhol said that everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. What happened in your 15 minutes? One of my favorite bands once retweeted one of my tweets about their upcoming tour.

If you were in the Air Force, what would be your call sign? Maverick, for sure!


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