We are

….. more than just a house.

….. the home of fur trader, entrepreneur, mountain man and advocate for St. Louis, Robert Campbell.

….. the residence of the Campbell family, who lived here for 84 years.

….. full of the Campbells’ original furniture, paintings, personal possessions and archive.

….. the last remnant of Lucas Place, the first exclusive neighborhood in St. Louis. (Two words: Marble. Sidewalks.)

….. a neighborhood anchor and a patch of green in the brick, concrete and glass landscape of downtown St. Louis.

….. not related to anything involving soup.

….. a partner to other museums so that we can do the most good in our community.

….. people, including staff, docents, interns, board members, volunteers and enthusiastic supporters.

….. tweeting.

….. broadcasting historic preservation efforts in St. Louis.

….. working to educate the community on their city by illuminating the past.

….. full of mysteries. (Just ask us about the 50-cent pieces and letters.)

….. researching the Campbells and their friends to learn (and subsequently share) more about this great city.

We are the Campbell Family. Visit us.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. House histories like this are worth recording and sharing. I thought you would be interested in a new website we have just launched: http://www.historyofhomes.net

    Members are invited to record the history of homes that are special to them, ultimately creating a concise history of houses around the world.

    I invite you to add your historic homes. Membership is free!

  2. Marlene Campbell D'Alessandro says:

    Just found this website and thought it was I would say “Hi” since that is my last name. Nice Museum!!

  3. jill says:

    just finished reading “From Mountain Man to Millionnaire” – very good and interesting!!

  4. Tim Moore says:

    My son is in fourth grade in the Odyssey History Program at Hayhurst Elementary School in Portland Oregon. Each semester they study a different era in history and the students take on personas from that era. My son’s new persona is Robert Campbell and we were wondering if you had more pictures of him than appear on the website?

    Thank you,

    Tim & Aidan Moore

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