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Meet the Interns – Shannan & Jenny

We thought we’d take a moment this week to introduce you to the two EXCELLENT interns that are working with us this Spring.  You’ll probably get the chance to meet them on your next trip in, but giving tours and being all around great ambassadors for Campbell House is just a small part of what they do and who they are.  Here’s the down-low…


**Shannan has actually been with CHM since SUMMER 2013!!  She must really like us or something…

What are you studying and where?
I’m working on an MA in History and Museum Studies at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

Why Campbell House?
I had to do an internship for my Museum Studies certificate and remembered a tour I had taken of the House during the previous summer and thought it could be a great experience.  And a year later, I can say it has been!



What are you working on at CHM?
I’ve done some research for the upcoming Campbell House cookbook, gave tours, and right now am working on completing my thesis by going through the Museum’s archives as examining the Campbells’ roles as consumers and buyers of fancy furniture.  The working title is “Respectability through Consumption: Furniture Selections of Robert and Virginia Campbell”. (Editors Note: This thing is legit.  Like, hundreds of pages legit.)

When you aren’t slaving away at Campbell House, what are you doing?
Scrapbooking, soap and jewelry making, and softball.  But usually I’m writing my thesis while drinking a nice glass of wine.

What has been your favorite thing about Campbell House?
I love that CHM is constantly learning new things about itself.  We’ll never know all there is to know about the Campbells, and I think the pursuit of this knowledge is what’s been most enjoyable for me.

PC or Mac?
Apple everything except my computer.  So about 50/50.

Favorite Sandwich?
Cuban from Caruso’s Deli (Check them out.  They’re delicious and our go-to lunch place here at CHM).

Little Known Fact About Me:
I have a library of over 2,000 books.  Yikes.

If you were stranded on a desert island what’s the one book you would want to have with you?
Fahrenheit 451
by Ray Bradbury… or Harry Potter.


Where have you studied and what are your plans for the future?
I’m currently in the process of applying for an oral history assistantship on Acadian culture with the Maine Humanities Council and hoping to start the Museum Studies program at the University of Missouri-St. Louis next Fall.  I have a Masters Degree in Public History and Humanities from Washington University in St. Louis and a Bachelors Degree from Southeast Missouri State University in Visual Arts and Communications.



Why Campbell House?
Mainly because a small institution like CHM allows me to get a wide variety of experiences and try lots of different things rather than working in a specialized individual department in a large museum.  I also enjoy the immigrant experience aspect of the Campbell family history because of my background in French language and culture.

What are you going to work on at CHM?
I’m hoping to work with the collection, cataloging, and PastPerfect museum software as well as examine the Campbells’ French connections.

When you aren’t slaving away at Campbell House, what are you doing?
I teach French language lessons and am a member of a few different French heritage societies.  I also like to bake.  (Editors Note: She’s also a GREAT cook that can make a mean chili.  She treated us last month.)

PC or Mac?

Favorite Sandwich?
Grilled cheese.

Little Known Fact About Me:
I’m an old soul in a young person’s body.

If you were stranded on a desert island what’s the one book you would want to have with you?
Sentimental Education by Gustave Flaubert (that’s “Flow-BEAR” those of you that are a little rusty in the French department).

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Meet the Interns » Hannah


In today’s installment of our popular “Meet the Intern” series, we’re giving our howdy-dos to Hannah, who has been a familiar smiling face around the Museum since the spring when her class from Washington University paid us a visit. [Editorial comment: She’s a smarty AND she has awesome taste in dresses.]

What are you studying and where?
I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2012, with a BFA in painting and art history and a minor in history.

Why Campbell House?
I first visited with a class on American cultural remembrance and really enjoyed viewing the artifacts in each room as witnesses to the Campbell story. Historic house museums are my favorite sites to visit as a tourist, so I am enthusiastic to explore the collection and experience how it relates to visitors. I’m also originally from Philadelphia, so the Campbells add an important dimension to how I continue to understand St. Louis history through material culture.

What are you going to work on at CHM over the summer?
I am researching how the Campbell family has been characterized through letters, portraits and photographs combined with the history of how this information has been presented in the museum. What aspects of the family’s personal lives have been consistently engaging to visitors, and where do these narratives come from? Using this material, I also plan to write an interdisciplinary education program that focuses on visual art in the collection.

When you aren’t slaving away at Campbell House, what are you doing?
I am a gallery teaching intern at Saint Louis Art Museum, a researcher in American Culture Studies at Washington University, and an artist assistant. I’m also studying Reconstruction-era tourism, learning how to drive (and park!) in St. Louis and dreaming up potential art projects – sometimes all while re-watching Downton Abbey.

What’s your favorite thing about Campbell House so far?
The family’s oyster plate and in the archives, a very theatrical transcript titled “Robert Campbell’s Romance” (1948) an episode in “The Land We Live In” radio series, produced by the Union Electric Company. I like imagining the listeners swooning…and then coming to the house to see if the tale was actually true!

Favorite Sandwich:

Favorite Book:
Cold Mountain – I’ve been reading it off and on for the past four years, because I have to start over each time to remember what the story looks like! My favorite book that I’ve actually finished is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

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Monday Update » 6.25.12

Good Afternoon! A lot has happened over the last two weeks….

Pierre’s Hole in the Teton Valley, Idaho, the site of the 1832 Rocky Mountain Rendezvous.

Andy’s Back!
Executive Director Andy made it back from his excursion to Robert’s old stomping grounds in Wyoming and Idaho. We’ll do a full post of the Rendezvous and all the sites he visited, but to give you a preview, here’s a shot of Pierre’s Hole. Not only did Robert trade here during the rendezvous, but it was also the site of the famous Battle of Pierre’s Hole, in which Robert played a key role with his friend Bill Sublette. (Beautiful, huh?)

Campbell House class at Lifelong Learning Institute
We are pleased to announce that staff from Campbell House Museum will be teaching a class at Washington University’s Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) this fall. The LLI is a college-style curriculum of courses for people age 55 and older, and they offer a range of classes on history (local and otherwise), art, and literature. This fall, Campbell House will be the topic of a four-week course. This is what we’ll be teaching each week:

  • Week 1: History of the Campbells and the Lucas Place Neighborhood (Andy)
  • Week 2: Late 19th Century Culture (Shelley)
  • Week 3: Field trip to Campbell House (Andy and Shelley)
  • Week 4: Document workshop (Andy and Shelley)

Interested? Fall 2012 registration isn’t online yet,  but if you’re age 55 or older, send an email to shelley [dot] satke [at] gmail [dot] com, and we’ll send you a reminder when you can register. In the meantime, learn all about the LLI here.

New Garden Volunteers
Have you seen how beautiful the garden looks? In addition to the regular bunch of volunteers (parents of the staff!), we’ve been joined by Dan, Dan and Alex, three young men from St. Louis Arc. Dan works with Dan and Alex to teach them life skills while building friendships in the local community. Every Tuesday and Thursday they work outside keeping the garden in tip-top shape for our guests and neighbors, and they’ve been doing a wonderful job. They’ve been a joy to work with — stop by to see their handiwork!

Do you have a green thumb? Could you lend a hand mowing, pruning and planting? We’re always looking for help! Drop Andy a note at andy [at] campbellhousemuseum [dot] org.

Jessica and Mark in front of Virginia’s gazebo.

Congratulations to the Pierrons
Speaking of the garden, cheers to Jessica and Mark, who had their wedding ceremony in our garden on Friday night. The flowers were in full bloom, the weather cooperated, and everyone had a wonderful evening on Jessica and Mark’s big day.

Campbell House is the perfect outdoor spot for a wedding ceremony. If you would like to check out the space in person, please email Shelley at shelley [dot] satke [at] gmail [dot] com.

Meet Kevin
Be sure to visit our blog tomorrow, where we’ll continue with our popular “Meet the Interns” series with Kevin. Talk about well-rounded — he’s working on a double major in history and chemistry. Tune in tomorrow to find out what he’s doing at Campbell House this summer!

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