CHM Summer 2013 Interns Heather & Rachel

The Campbell House Museum works in cooperation with colleges and universities to promote education in history, art history, museum studies and other programs. Campbell House interns have gone on the find jobs in museums around the country. A few have even found employment at Campbell House!

Interns may be assigned to focus on a particular facet of the Museum, such as collections, development, research, educational programming, or promotion. However, a broad range of activities will be part of the experience, and the student will receive exposure to various contacts in the cultural institutions industry in St. Louis. As a result, the intern will be better prepared for the “real world” of work.

In recent years interns have worked on projects as diverse as helping establish the Museum’s PastPerfect collection database, a GIS project mapping the Campbell’s Lucas Place neighborhood, research into Robert Campbell’s involvement in the 1851 Fort Laramie treaty and the short-lived U.S. Indian Commission and identification of the Campbell’s art collection.

Internships are generally not paid but are available for course credit. For more information, work with your school adviser and please contact the Museum.

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