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The following testimonials describe the unique real world experience offered by Campbell House to qualified students.


• Interning at the Campbell House was a rewarding way to spend my summer.  I enjoyed engaging with St. Louis history, learning Past Perfect software, understanding the inner workings of a small private museum, and contributing to the house in a small way.  I feel that working closely with and getting to know the museum staff and volunteers was the most valuable aspect of the experience.  Because this internship program sparked a passion for the home, I will be staying involved with the home as a docent. – Rachel D.

• I thoroughly enjoyed my summer internship at Campbell House Museum.  As someone who is new to St. Louis, I discovered many valuables in the house: a rich history of a prominent family in the fur trade and their gorgeous belongings, a stellar example of a meticulously restored historic site, and a knowledgeable and friendly group of community members who have incredible high standards for preserving and improving the museum.  As an intern, I was able to gain experience in basic museum skills: giving tours of the home, learning how to inventory artifacts, utilizing archival software, and studying the family’s correspondence and records to conduct research.  Without hesitation, I would recommend Campbell House Museum to students interested in history, art, preservation, and education as well as anyone looking to give their time and resources to a worthy cause. – Heather W.


• Wow!!  There are so many positive things to describe my time at Campbell House that it’s hard to find a place to begin.  Perhaps the best praise I can give CHM and its incredible group of staff and volunteers is to recognize the incredibly high standard of quality that is exacted throughout the museum.  You will not find a more dedicated group of people focused on the preservation and presentation of public history, and the home itself is a national treasure, unlike anything I’d had the opportunity to experience previously.  A trademark of my year at Campbell House was the amount of hands-on, down and dirty work that I was given the opportunity to do with artifacts and documents, from preservation procedures to the design and implementation of exhibits.  CHM also provided me with valuable experience in PastPerfect archival software, a skill that has proved incredibly valuable since leaving the museum.  The story of the Campbell family and the significant role that Robert and Hugh played in St. Louis history is often jaw dropping, and it was an honor to be a part of preserving their legacy.  I would highly recommend an internship or volunteer experience with the Campbell House Museum to anyone planning a future working in archives or museums, it is time well spent in a magnificent home with the best staff around. -Sam M.

Campbell House Intern, Fall/Spring 2012

Campbell House Intern, Fall/Spring 2012

• My time at the Campbell House Museum has been an absolutely amazing experience. I was able to continue to develop my skills as a student of museum studies while working with a close-knit, dedicated group of staff and volunteers. In addition working with actual Campbell family artifacts, I was also allowed to work with letters and photographs from the archive. This dual exposure helped me to understand what being a historian/museum professional is really about. The Campbell House has given me more opportunities than I ever imagined and has provided me with a solid base on which to begin my museum career. I am truly grateful for my time there. -Lindsey D.

• I had a wonderful summer interning at the Campbell House Museum. I loved learning about the Campbell family and their house, and sharing that history with visitors on tours. Because I was interested in learning more about the family’s religious history, I spent the summer researching and piecing together a timeline on that topic. I had so much fun! I also really enjoyed getting to know everyone who works at the museum – the staff, the docents, and the other interns. I’m so grateful for my experience at the Campbell House! -Sydney S.

• My internship this summer at Campbell House Museum was a truly wonderful experience. One benefit of interning at a smaller museum was that I got an understanding of how a museum is run in a lot of different aspects. Campbell House Museum itself is such an incredible historical resource, and the staff were amazingly friendly and always excited to help me with whatever I was working on! -Katherine N.


• My internship at Campbell House Museum this summer was very rewarding! I learned so much about running a museum and all the tasks that a museum director takes on. I have gained experiences that I’m sure will be invaluable in my future. Interning at Campbell House opens a door to the past that anyone would love. Every time I come into the museum, I become a part of history and I couldn’t ask for anything more. I feel as though I know the family and I am proud to say that I have been able to share their story with anyone who is interested. Working on the servant exhibit really enabled me to do some original research. I was able to work with the museum staff to put together a project that will help everyone who comes through the museum to understand not only what it may have been like to live in this house, but also what it may have been like to work here. I have never been more excited to continue on my path towards running my own museum one day. -Erin V.

Campbell House Interns, Summer 2011

Campbell House Interns, Summer 2011

• My work as an intern at the Campbell House Museum was an amazing experience that will help me in the future. This internship provided me with an active, hands on role in the museum. I have learned so much about the running of a museum and the amount of detail that goes into the research for each exhibit. Learning from the other interns and employees added another element to my internship, as every person at the Campbell House has a different perspective and specialization to add to my knowledge. I was able to also work with the past perfect software and create my own catalogs of the museum artifacts. I felt like an integral part in the running of the museum because the variety of work I was allowed to participate in created a diverse and well-rounded experience. I hope to continue working with the museum and to stay updated on all the new research being done, as I feel invested in the Campbell history. Overall, I had a wonderful internship at the Campbell House Museum and would recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in history and wants to have an active and diverse internship experience. Thanks again to everyone at the Campbell House! -Maya F.

• I had the privilege of being an intern at the Campbell House at two different stages in my career.  The year before I went to graduate school (2007-2008) I came into the Campbell House as an intern who had never worked or volunteered in a museum setting.  The first internship gave me the opportunity to get my feet wet and see what I liked and what I did not like; my first experiences involved archives and collections management.  The staff was friendly and more than willing to share their knowledge of the museum.  They were so fantastic that in July 2010, I came back to intern at the Campbell House Museum.  This time I came with a Master’s degree in Museum Studies and was ready to put into practice what I had learned.  I felt more confident in my ability to manage the projects I was given, such as planning and running a project involving the Campbell House and Saint Louis University students.  Along with the SLU project I was involved in doing research for the 150th anniversary of the Civil War to planning and creating an exhibition.  My experiences and what I learned from my time at the Campbell House are invaluable. -Karen M.

• My internship at the Campbell House was the most rewarding and educational internship I have had. During my ten months at the house, I updated the archival records in PastPerfect, transcribed letters written to a Campbell business associate, and assisted in the creation of the summer 2011 fabric exhibit. This hands-on experience was a great way to learn about what it is like to work in a small museum. I have never before worked with a group of such intelligent, dedicated and interesting people. I really enjoyed every minute I spent in the house. My time at the Campbell House inspired me to apply to Museum Studies Masters programs in the hope that I will one day work at a house museum. I would highly recommend this internship to any person interested in history, historical houses or just museum studies in general. -Amanda W.


• The Campbell House Museum has been, by far, the most rewarding learning experience I have had outside of my classroom experience.  As an Historic Preservation student, I have seen and visited many house museums. The Campbell House is by far one of the best preserved and most authentic house museums I have ever experienced.  If that is not enough, working at the museum you quickly learn to love the Campbell Family and to respect their legacy and home.  The Campbell Family witnessed and was a part of many great moments in North American history.  They were friends and acquaintances with countless notable people as well. By interning and volunteering in their home, one can almost begin to see oneself as an acquaintance of the family today.  By working here, one certainly becomes part of their legacy.  Once you know the family, they certainly never leave you.  I can definitely see myself working here or at least remaining involved in this museum for the rest of my life! -Virginia S.

Campbell House Interns, Summer 2010

Campbell House Interns, Summer 2010

• Working as an intern for the Campbell House Museum was a fantastic, hands on experience. As an undergraduate interested in the field of museum studies I was able to learn what it is like to work for a small staffed museum. Hands on is not an exaggeration as I literally touched every item on display in the museum while learning more about inventory, cataloging, and using past perfect computer software. The staff was friendly and willing to make time to individually help me learn.  I would recommend an internship at the Campbell House to any student looking for real work experience that they can apply to a career. -Danielle G.

• Spending the summer as an intern at the Campbell House Museum was extremely enlightening. While my main project was revamping and creating finding aides for the museum’s archives, I was included in several of the other daily aspects of the house; I assisted with the collection inventory, answered phones, helped with large visitor groups and gave tours, just to name a few. But, I must say, that the most impressive thing about CHM was the dedicated staff and volunteers.  Never have a met a more friendly and lively group.  As a graduate student in a museum studies program, I was excited to be able to be a part of an institution whose volunteers were so involved in the research and history of the Campbells and whose staff allowed me to experience so many aspects of the museum. -Jessica K.

• Giving tours at the Campbell House Museum helped me learn about the family and St. Louis, which was fascinating.  Telling it to others during tours helped cement the information into my mind and better taught me how to mentally organize and present information.  Entering Robert Campbell’s letter information into Excel was tedious but gave me a good idea of the immense amount of work that goes into history museums, historic sites, etc.  It is exciting to think that there are sources still to be explored and more stories to be told, and I’m glad I could help out with this. -Hayley S.


• My two summer internships spent at the Campbell House Museum have been rewarding, educational, and fun.  Having the opportunity to work at a small museum allowed me to participate in more important and larger projects that interns might otherwise be able to at larger institutions.  Over the last two summers, I have worked on an exhibit to go in the Museum’s special exhibit spaces, and the entire process was mine to conceptualize, organize and design.  The diversity of jobs and skills that one learns at a small museum will be more beneficial to my future career in that I will have a background in different elements of museum work.  At the Campbell House Museum I was given responsibility and really felt apart of the museum.  My opinions were always wanted and considered, which really helped to enhance my feeling of importance as a member of the museum’s staff. Sarah H.

Campbell House Interns, Summer 2009

Campbell House Interns, Summer 2009

• I really liked my experience as an intern at the Campbell House because I was able to work hands-on with the collection.  As the collections intern, I completed an inventory by myself of every piece in the whole house, a task that many museums would not entrust upon their interns.  This was supplemented by giving tours of the house to visitors where I could share my knowledge of the objects and their history with the guests.  Because of this, I was able to see what it would be like to work in a museum every day and it helped me realize that I would like to pursue a career working with museum collections. -Leslie H.

• Interning at the Campbell House museum was an incredibly rewarding experience. The intimate nature of a small museum like the Campbell House enabled first hand interaction with guests of the museum as well as experiencing another facet through learning about its business and membership management. A huge bonus of working at a small museum such as this is the exposure to the Campbell family’s original belongings which enlivens their fascinating story. -Chelsey H.

Campbell House Interns, Summer 2006

Campbell House Interns, Summer 2006

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